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Prices indicated per character.
Prices corresponding to the artwork use without reproduction right (private use and/or online posting without profit).

OCs accepted.
Nude accepted without any apparent intimate part and without sexual act.
Light gore accepted (light wounds).

If you wish to commission something based on content that doesn't belong to me or you (character, background from a series, video game, etc.), please check the copyrights. I decline all responsibility for any issue related to this.

It’s possible to ask for simple modifications once the sketch is done (if I need to do one), or after the lineart (if there’s no sketch).
I’ll send you the artwork at that step and will continue after your confirmation.

For a lineart, the total payment is done at the same time as the order (see my reply to your order by E-mail).
For more than a lineart, half of the payment is done at the same time as the order. The other half will be done once the sketch or the lineart is finished, then I'll continue.

It's possible that I use the illustration for self-promotion.

I'll send you the finished artwork by E-mail and will post it with a watermark.
If you wish to post it yourself or for it to not be posted, please precise it in the form thereafter in the order note.

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