Voilà enfin les photos des 20 ans de la Japan Addict! (J’ai UN PEU de mal à m’en remettre 😅 Mais c’était beaucoup trop bien! ✨)

Comme d’hab’, les commentaires des visiteurs faisaient clash avec mon syndrome de l’imposteur, ça fait du bien, merci à vous tous! 😭💙

And thank you to the staff for this incredible event! So many good vibes is always great!

As for the BlitzFizz kiss final results...
"NAH" won! Sorry shippers! (I personally ship them. As for the kiss, I think both answers are possible XD)

Thought I'd share some behind the scenes pics! (You might have already seen some pics in stories.)

Survivor architecture for posters. Kind of a struggle, but it looks nice. The other exhibitors liked it XD Plus, it fits my wood/nature/tropical island aesthetic!

TREATING MYSELF! Forgot what some cards are related to, so I'm showing all of the ones I got.

The Angel to keep me company in the back of the stall is a gift from Gwen who was a great help 💙 💙

FOOD! First time I had taiyaki. Not my thing, but I gave it a try!

The first day bubble tea kept me awake the whole day despite the 4-5 hours of sleep lol. No drowsiness, couldn't believe it. Second day was more complicated tho XD

And the joy of putting everything away the next day! :,) (Yeah, we feared rain, hence the plastic bags.)

This weekend conclusion: If you wanna be the staff's fav stall: Have a cart! We helped so many people with it XD