One word to describe this day? WIND. And many other things, BUT THE WIND!!! 🤣

The eve, my mother is asked to exhibit at the Cherry Party in Thannenkirch. (Right next to Bergheim, French people's favorite village. Real' cool, yes yes.) Last emergency productions in Clin d'Oeil Nature where I work. 

The next day, we install the stall. I go back to the shop to get last minute equipment (yes, we were caught off guard), thinking of going back home after bringing everything to her, planning to go back to bed, 'cuz I can't seem to wake up.

I park halfway there, because 0.1% of chance to find a place after the end of the queue, and they already closed the access for exhibitionists' cars. Everything's fine, I got a cart. I just take a bit of space on the road already tight with all the parked cars, with sound indiscretion, but oh well.

My mother suddenly realizes that I could also exhibit my creations. I'm not sure of what I got on the spot, 'cuz our daily routine is often facing improvisations. I go home to check on what I got to exhibit, call her to confirm I have enough to show, she asks the staff if I may add myself, she confirms to me, I go back there, crossing half of the village walking, backpack full and a case in the hand, because fed up with cars manœuvres (my endurance is improving, everything's fine.)

I install. There's wind. I'm scared for cards, stickers, etc. I'm right. Everything's landing on my face. (Reconstitution of the scene on the right.)

I take rocks that I got earlier in the garden, meant for that purpose, wrap them to avoid damaging the lightest products, on which I put them. And to support the mini easel. Except for a few violent squalls, it was stable. Now let's do the inventory to make sure nothing has been lost 👀

Anyway, it was cool. Many people interested in my creations. My anxiety level at zero, despite the total impro without my usual preparation checklists. 

Even Selya that I met, who was also exhibiting, told me that I looked comfy while talking, when I told her about my difficulties that inspired my comic Walls To Break. I gotta be up to it with her now. (If you read this, it was the year miracle lol. No but you're real' nice too 😉)

We laughed, 'cuz people thought she was me. I'm known in the village without being known. I explain:
My mother's shop opened by the end of last year. She took months of advance with paperworks to hire me for the opening. Despite that, the wait for the administration's response made it that she could hire me only one pregnancy after the opening, as she likes to say.
Anyway, it's been months that she talks about me to customers, and some never saw me yet, they only know that I do productions of goodies, etc. like Selya. We were like:

El divertido origen del meme más famoso de Spider-Man - Mendoza Post

Back home, I notice a felt pen mark from unknown origin. A beautiful regular circle in the middle of the hand. I have no explanation- Ah, maybe my hand was pushed against the lid at some point. Anyway! I don't know how to conclude, so we'll end on this!

And thanks to the organizers for accepting me!